Research Topics

Our laboratory studies two intriguing sides of consciousness. On one hand we study sleep as a naturally occurring alteration of consciousness and on the other hand we also study disorders of consciousness (DOC), i.e. conditons that follow severe brain injury, as pathological modifications of consciousness. Besides this, we also focus on prenatal learning using baby electroencephalography (EEG) recordings in newborns and babies.


The laboratory for sleep and consciousness research has access to a 32-channel Neuroscan Synamps amplifiers, EEG systems for measurements with up to 256 channels (high-density EEG), several sensors for full PSG montages, as well as numerous actigraphs for measuring sleep wake cycles over extended periods of time.

Furthermore, we have two ambulatory EEG systems for special study populations (e.g., children) and environments (e.g, sport activities). Furthermore, our laboratory is a member of the Centre for Cognitive Neuroscience Salzburg (CCNS) has access to a purely science-devoted 3T fMRI scanner, as well as compatible EEG, rTMS and eye tracking systems at the Neurological University Clinic Salzburg, the „Christian Doppler Klinik“.

NEW: Since autumn 2016 we also have access to a magnetencepalogram (Elekta Neuromag Triux) located at the “Christian Doppler Clinic”, which is run by Prof. Dr. Nathan Weisz group.